Basic Dental Insurance Services

This is a complete dental insurance

As with almost all policies, there is more comprehensive dental insurance than others. It is essential to look at the services that are offered for free, but also those that involve a co-payment and in which we can obtain some type of discount. These additional services that go beyond basic policies are:

  • Orthodontics: Orthodontics is one of the most demanded services in dental clinics. Thanks to dental insurance you can get discounts of up to 50% on many treatments of this type: metal brackets, ceramic, invisible orthodontics, etc. The replacement of brackets if they become detached or deteriorate over time is another frequent service. It is also customary for the company to cover up-front expenses (such as X-rays) and check-ups. All with the limits set.
  • Implants: the best dental insurance also includes the implant study before the intervention.
  • Periodontics: this is the branch that treats bone and gum diseases. The insurance may contemplate the previous diagnosis and probing, but not so much the serial radiology and the periodogram.
  • Prosthetics: removable and fixed prostheses – such as bridges and crowns – are usually covered in the most complete dental insurance. In the most basic policies, they are offered at special prices. The previous study, however, is usually included.
  • Aesthetic dental treatments: such as whitening or repairing broken teeth. As a general rule, companies offer discounts on these types of services. In addition, it must be taken into account that the consultation and the previous study will be free.
  • Surgical dentistry services: such as removal of wisdom teeth or operations on the frenulum (frenectomy), tongue, and lip. This includes related tests, anesthesia, removal of stitches, and the like.
  • Consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon: Most dental insurances do not include consultations with a maxillofacial surgeon. However, some companies do.

The limits of dental insurance

Beyond benefits and as in other types of policies, it is convenient to know that dental insurance generally has certain exclusions and limitations. The copays with the best known, because today it is not possible to hire dental insurance without co-payment that allows us access to all services commented. But are not the only ones.

Directly related to them we find the refunds. It is important that, if we have taken out reimbursement dental insurance, we look at its limit. That is, what percentage of the expenses will they return to us.

It is also key to know how and how many times they offer the different benefits. A policy that includes a filling per year will not be the same as another that does it more times, for example. And the same goes for everything else.

Likewise, certain treatments tend to have grace periods during which we will not be able to access them. Which ones it applies to and its duration depends on each insurer. Some companies, on the other hand, only offer their emergency services in certain cities -such as Adelas Dental Familiar, which has 24-hour emergencies in Madrid and Barcelona-.

And we can also find some age limitations when it comes to including our children in dental insurance or hiring a family one. Other tests usually excluded in dental insurance are diagnostic tests with Dentascan.

Reasons to buy dental insurance

That said, there are numerous reasons to purchase dental insurance. The main one is that you will have the possibility of accessing services that Social Security does not provide without having to make an extraordinary outlay.

In the case of the care that it does offer – such as the extraction of wisdom teeth, among others – you will not have to get in line. In addition, taking care of our mouth is something that must be done continuously over time to prevent diseases.

If we talk about children and although public health does include some more benefits, dental insurance is equally interesting, especially in the case of orthodontics, which some insurers offer with more than a 30% discount. In short, if you take out dental insurance, you will save time and money. In addition, these are not expensive policies: you will find offers on the market for up to 8 euros per month. Even less.

It is also important to note that you will have an emergency service that will attend you whenever you need it (there is nothing worse than a toothache) and that you will be able to access a medical chart with numerous professionals.

How to find the best dental insurance

To hire the best dental insurance at the best price, we recommend using the insurance comparator, where you can compare the prices and benefits of the main insurers in the market. In addition, if you wish, you will have the help of an expert advisor who will accompany you during the process and will answer all your doubts.

Even so, if you want to review the policy before hiring it, you can look at certain issues that we have already been discussing.

  • Services included: which services the dental insurance includes for free and which ones it excludes. And if it allows access to them with discounts (and in what percentage). Axa Salud Dental, for example, is one of the most comprehensive policies: it includes 240 and 82 are free.
  • Dental network: that is, the own clinics that you can go to, the dentists, and also the network of concerted clinics.
  • Exclusions and limitations: such as waiting times, copays, refunds, etc.
  • How minors are considered: if you can include them in the policy and up to what age, what services does it cover, etc.
  • Advantages and a flat rate for 3 to 6 insured: many insurers offer discounts and additional advantages if you contract dental insurance in a pack.
  • Preexistence: As with health insurance, dental insurance does not usually cover preexistence. It is advisable to review what services interest you before hiring it.
  • If you have additional discounts after a certain date: for example, Sanitas offers them from the second year. A way to reward policyholders.