What should you know about an International Major Medical Expense Insurance?

Free choice of hospitals and doctors

Generally, international medical insurance offers as one of its main advantages the possibility for the insured to choose the hospital and the doctor they wish to see. And in many cases, this option goes beyond the national territory.

Direct payment to Hospitals

International insurance for medical expenses is responsible for making the direct payment at the hospital, in such a way that the insured can be sure that the company will take care of the expenses. It is important to clarify that on many occasions depending on the event it will be necessary to pay the deductible.

Zero deductible in case of an accident

If you had an accident, anywhere in the world, international insurance for medical expenses allows you to attend any hospital without having to pay a deductible. The insurance company will take care of the total expenses since they generally have the option of 0 deductible in an accident.

Highest maternity in the market

Medical expense insurance does not include maternity coverage, however, it does provide financial support to help with this expense. Medical Insurance specifies a predetermined amount for this concept, to which no deductible or coinsurance is applied and it is international medical insurance that offers the highest financial support for this.

Maximum acceptance age 74

Age is a fundamental aspect for contracting insurance of any type, generally, the age limit used by companies for contracting health insurance is 64 years. In international insurance it is common for this age of acceptance to be higher, reaching up to 74 years.

No cost for the fourth child onwards

These insurances commonly have a different way of charging children, since unlike national plans they are charged by the number of children and not by their age and gender. In addition, after the 3rd child, the others are no longer charged. After the age of 24, they will be independently traded as adults.

The highest tabulators in medical fees

The medical tabulator is generally a matter of extra expenses, since the national tabulators, although they are sufficient for the payment of these fees, it is common to find that doctors are above this. International medical insurance has the highest tabulators for physician fees.

High-risk sports and extreme sports

Extreme sports are increasingly practiced in the world and international medical insurance is ideal for people who practice sports, as some of these products cover high-risk activities and professional or amateur extreme sports such as rappelling, parachuting, motorcycling. , paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, karting, bungee jumping, diving, gotcha, surfing, skateboarding, canyoneering, etc.

Lifetime renewal

International medical expenses insurance permanently insures you regardless of your health or age.

Insurable sum reinstate every year

International medical expenses insurance offers a level of protection much higher than that of the rest of the market since the insured amount is reinstated every year. This means that if your insured sum is 5 million dollars, each year you will have 5 million dollars for illnesses or accidents.