Key Ingredients of Immune boosting products that Boost Immunity

A strong immune system is not only vital for disease prevention but also for a quick recovery from illness, according to the notion of Immunity. There are numerous health benefits associated with using herbs and Immune boosting products containing these herbs. Vitamins and minerals are anti-oxidants, immune-modulators and more. They are also anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.

Herbs, on the other hand, play an essential role in cleansing the body toxins, which in turn boosts the immune system. The following are some of the most regularly mentioned herbs in Ayurvedic literature that assist in boosting our immune system:


This plant’s medicinal benefits can be found in all its parts, although the root is by far the most usually taken. After a sickness, this herb has long been used to boost the body’s defences. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease, or other skin disorders, Ashwagandha can assist. Nervous system problems have been shown to benefit from this plant. Researchers have shown that it boosts brain cell performance, relieves nervous weariness and anxiety, and lessens despair. It also helps to alleviate tiredness in the body. Ashwagandha is being studied as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A cup of hot, sweetened milk is the appropriate accompaniment.


Liquorice, also known as mulethi, is an effective natural cure for a variety of ailments, including cough and cold. The Ayurvedic system of medicine recommends eating mulethi because it is sweet, slick, as well as heavy, and because it is effective in curing Vata imbalances. Antimicrobial saponin Glycyrrhizin can be found in mulethi. To boost immunity, the root is ground up and eaten with honey and ghee. It’s thought to be a rejuvenator and anti-ageing agent all in one. It has also been found to have a good influence on the functioning of the brain in a number of studies.


For overall health, it’s a great source of vitamin C because it can renew and re-energise your body systems. Amla has a cooling effect on the body and is often advised in pitta situations because of this. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of digestive issues. Red blood cell renewal and the improvement of haemoglobin levels are also thought to be aided by the use of Amla. As a result of its anti-inflammatory qualities, it can help alleviate joint discomfort. Powdered amla is the most common form, but pills and liquid extracts are also available. You should eat amla in its natural state. Amla powder can be mixed with honey and taken twice a day for optimal health benefits.


Because ginger has a high potency, it helps to reduce the vatta and kapha doshas’ agitation. Fresh, powdered, oil, or dry candied/juice form are all options for ginger, which is extremely flexible. The combination of dry ginger powder and sesame oil is used to alleviate joint or muscular problems. Gout, oedema, arthritis, and other joint aches can also be treated with heat fomentation. Ginger has anti-microbial chemicals that can help fight infections and increase immunity. Also, ginger is a good remedy for respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and bronchial asthma.


Due to Ocimum sanctum’s anti-infective characteristics and use in respiratory tract illnesses including cold, sore throat, asthma etc., Tulsi is the major type utilised for medical purposes. Assists in the removal of excess kapha in the lungs. Skin disorders and ulcers benefit from this natural stimulant’s energising effects and increased circulation. A daily dose of fresh tulsi juice may improve one’s well-being. Immunity may be further boosted by mixing tulsi juice with ginger and honey.


A well-balanced diet includes not only the food you eat but also the beverages you drink throughout the day. They aid in hydration and the distribution of minerals and vitamins throughout the body. You may also add healthy and nutritious herbs and seeds to them to help strengthen your immunity and keep infections at bay.

Due to the persistence of COVID-19, and the sweltering summer heat, it is more necessary than ever to drink healthful beverages. Soft drinks and pre-packaged juices may relieve your thirst, but the calories and lack of nutrients they contain make their unhealthy choices. Instead, use the ingredients described above to create Immune boosting products that can be taken to boost your immunity.