The SuperSalone and Fuori Salone 2021 tell us about the contemporary idea of ​​home

The special edition of the Super Salone in Milan has just ended, featuring all the major design brands in our country, and beyond.

This September edition has not only opened a glimmer of normality, after the suspension of all events for almost two years but has finally allowed beauty to come back to the surface.

A simple beauty, almost taken for granted, that smacks of home, normality, everyday life.

The home was the protagonist of many installations at the Fuori Salone and of many themes.

The place that most of all in recent months has imprisoned us today is praised, enriched, and desired.

The design brands re-propose warmth, through soft, welcoming, comfortable fabrics, the shades of color return to nature, the lands and the vegetation become an integral part of the house, which opens up to the encounter with an ethereal dimension, suspended in a vortex dreamlike.

The undisputed protagonists are the materials, hard, natural, but also shiny and industrial that blend with the light, also the protagonist, revealing its domestic look: lighting systems integrated with the furnishings and the most iconic design lamps design the spaces and turn the switch in a warm and sophisticated direction.

The domestic dimension evolves towards a concept of fluid, non-static space, the elements can vary their size and their function, the environments connect by breaking through the wall barriers, and the actions can take place along the entire path.

Borders no longer exist, there are functional islands that welcome us and allow us to identify the moments of the day, without circumscribing our life, and our time, within stereotypes and enclosures.

This edition pushes us towards a changing, more expanded research, and advises us to start again from our home and ourselves, to run against a less stereotyped idea of ​​life and… of home.

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