Cala Croce in Lampedusa

Cala Croce is located on the island of Lampedusa’s southern shore, less than 1 km from the famed Spiaggia della Guitgia and a short distance from the town.

When you arrive at one of Lampedusa most famous coves, you’ll see two little beaches, one slightly larger known as Cala Croce beach and the other smaller and usually always less crowded one known as Portu beach by the Lampedusans. ‘Ntoni.

The turquoise color of the water and the white beach will take your breath away at first glimpse, as they always do. All of this is set against a backdrop of vivid green Mediterranean scrub. If you notice that it is a windy day when you leave your hotel and worry that the Scirocco would ruin one of your precious vacation days, when you arrive at the beach at Cala Croce, you will notice that the sea is flat because the Cala is well protected from the wind. You can take a deep sigh of relief now!

You may require the rental of an umbrella and sunbeds, or you may like to cool yourself from the hot sun, and you will note the presence of family-run kiosks that will quietly provide these services. However, I recommend that you do not come on the beach too late in this regard. Yes, it is true that whoever arrives first is the best! If you’re well-equipped, you’ll still be able to discover a tiny stretch of free beach in these two coves.

And what if your family decides to enjoy the beach and the sea, and you want to explore the fauna there with fins and a mask? Cala Croce will also provide you with this opportunity; in fact, it is popular among snorkelers and, because to its shallow waters, it is especially appropriate for families with children.

After that, let’s take a step back to aid you in the planning phase, so you have a clear picture of where to stay near Cala Croce, how far it is from the airport, and how to get there.

Where can I stay near Cala Croce beach?

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to where to stay near Cala Croce’s beach. In fact, you have a vast range of options to choose from, including Residences, Holiday Homes, Apartments, Villas, and Studios. Have you ever considered or wished to sleep in a dammuso on the island of Lampedusa? Yes, even near Cala Croce, you may stay in one of the classic Sicilian Dammusi, which are unique architectural creations of the area with an Arab influence, usually well supplied, located near the beach, and provided with different luxuries, including amazing sunsets. Now you have a choice!

Cala Croce is about 3 kilometers from Lampedusa Airport and is easily accessible both from the inhabited heart of the island, where you may pass the Via Madonna and then the Strada di Ponente and from other strategic sites, such as the nearby Guitgia beach.

In terms of parking near the beach, there is a large free parking lot right at the cove’s entrance if you decide or need to arrive by car.

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