How to Book a Cab from Mumbai to Surat

If you are in Mumbai and you want to travel to Surat, it’s as simple as booking an Ola cab. If you’re not an Ola customer yet, sign up and get Rs 150 off your first ride! All you need to do to book your cab from Mumbai to Surat taxi service is follow these easy steps.

1) What You Should Know About Mumbai To Surat

As two of India’s financial and entertainment capitals, it’s no surprise that millions of people travel between Mumbai and Surat every year. And since both cities are built around major railway lines, several train companies offer daily services—including overnight sleepers for those on long trips. But if you want to save money on your journey—or prefer traveling in a larger group, which isn’t always possible with rail routes—then getting around by cab is an ideal alternative.

2) Different Types of Cabs

Deciding on a cab is an important decision that can help save you money and time while traveling. Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend getaway or need to make it to your business meeting on time, there are various options available for getting around. The next time you need a ride, consider these options

3) When to Hire A Cab

There are two times you should hire a cab. The first is when you need one for commuting during non-peak hours, which will save you money on your commute and eliminate time spent waiting for an overcrowded train or bus. The second is when you’re in a hurry, either because you’re late or running behind schedule.

4) What is The Fare From Mumbai To Surat?

The fare for cabs from Mumbai to Surat ranges anywhere between Rs. 3,500 and Rs. 5,500 depending on whether you book during peak hours (7 am–11 am) or off-peak hours (6 pm–11 pm). Also, different companies charge differently for night rides, with Ola Cabs charging a flat rate of Rs. 1,200 if you book between midnight and 6 am while Meru charges Rs. 3,000 during that time span.